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I started seeing Graham during a prolonged period of overwhelming anxiety. I will admit to being sceptical initially but after a short free introductory session I decided to proceed with weekly sessions of mindfulness techniques and hypnotherapy.

Each week Graham taught me 2 or 3 different ways to use mindfulness as a way to achieve deep relaxation whilst at the clinic and to practise at home or whilst in an anxiety inducing situation. Some techniques were more successful for me than others but each week Graham would ask how I was getting on and would make suggestions to help further.

We ended each session with a time of hypnotherapy which simply felt like a time of very deep relaxation during which I was completely aware of my surroundings and what was happening but was so wonderfully relaxed. I now feel enabled to achieve that deep relaxation myself.

I found Graham to be very professional, calming, welcoming and sincere and would happily recommend his sessions to anybody struggling with an area of life which they feel is becoming out of control. I had 4 sessions and now feel I have strategies that I can use to help me to cope with my anxieties whenever/ wherever they might occur. Thank you Graham.

JE, Bexleyheath


I have been suffering from biting my nails since a child, where other people have been able to stop doing it, I had kept doing it and more so during stressful periods of my life.  I have felt ashamed of showing my finger nails and created a method of hiding my hands to strangers and business colleagues.

I had 2 treatments with Graham after which I haven’t bit my nails.  After the first treatment, I immediately stopped biting my nails - which I didn’t think it would work so quickly.  After some stressful times, I started to bite my nails again and started to slip into old habits. Following a second and final session, I have managed to kick the habit and have even gone through some stressful circumstances with no biting!

Graham is very professional and attentive and I highly recommend him to people who would like to end life-long habits like mine.­

DD, Hither Green


Graham is friendly, understanding and very professional and I felt very at ease in his comfortable, home like surroundings. I remember feeling sleepier and sleepier but hearing every word he said but when he brought me back out of the session I found I couldn’t remember much at all but I certainly felt revitalized and refreshed. It was not until a few days later that I started to notice the changes in my daily routines, which then led my OCD to a halt. I was amazed and felt so much better in myself. I would like to thank Graham again and highly recommend him, to anyone struggling with a certain aspect if their life.­

MW, Welling


When I first saw Graham my anxiety problem had reached a level where they were unmanageable.  However, even after just the first session I found the intensity of my anxieties had reduced several levels to a point where I could just about cope.  The following sessions, building on this, I am now able to start rebuilding my life.

The various techniques Graham provided, help me identify and choose the ones that suited me and to my relief they do work.  In my case specifically the relaxation and memory one.  It is a continuing reassurance to me, that should I feel a need again, I can call on Graham to help put me back on track.

KS, Bexleyheath­


I signed up to the coaching because it is something that I want to do myself once I eventually land a learning and development role. However, throughout the process although short I realised just how beneficial it can be even for someone who thinks they know everything like myself.

It helps that Graham understood my enthusiasm which is often misconstrued and was able to use various tools to point me in the right direction. I am quite a busy body but was able to focus on certain tasks, while learning to not put so much pressure on myself. This has been particularly useful as I have since successfully completed my first semester back at university studying HR and will now be leaving the NHS Trust to start my first HR role.

Overall it has been a very helpful experience!

DF, Lewisham


I met with Graham to help with my drinking issue as I've been told by friends and family how concerned they are about my health. Graham gave me lots of helpful exercises to help me. I felt very relaxed during our sessions and found just getting it out was a relief in itself. I now have useful tools to use to get me through tricky times.



After spending 55 years of being a smoker I am proud to say after one session of hypnotherapy with Graham I am now a non-smoker.

AW, Crayford


I have found my appointments with Graham a relaxing and beneficial experience.

JI, Bexley


­Graham has helped me to recognise issues that have caused me anxiety and other health problems. After several months of therapy I am now feeling more confident, happier and at ease with myself as well as having more energy and improving my general health. 

JG, Kent­